The Poisoned Dragon

Healing with Feng Shui and Geomancy

by S D Anugyan

In The Poisoned Dragon, Feng Shui consultant and geomancer SD Anugyan invites us beyond the limits of a single discipline and into a new world of possibilities - the practice of Radical Feng Shui:


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192 pages

17 maps, sketches, and drawings 30 photographs

ISBN 0-9546099-0-5

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Chapter Quotes

The truth often sounds paradoxical

Lao Tzu

Man follows the earth.
Earth follows heaven.
Heaven follows the Tao.
Tao follows what is natural

Lao Tzu

The West has become a world of things, not people.

Cheikh Hamidou Kane
Senegalese novelist

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'You Don't Know Me'

Symbols and Weather Ch'i

Strange Flowers

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Born near Findhorn, Scotland, of mixed parentage, S.D. Anugyan has worked as a microbiology technician, a science teacher and - now - as a Feng Shui consultant and a writer.  His extensive travel and study of the world’s most mysterious and sacred sites, as well as direct experience, led him to extend the boundaries of traditional Feng Shui and create a new approach - Radical Feng Shui.

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